Each of our MuscadineGrapeSeed capsules are carefully manufactured from 100% pure North Carolina Muscadine Grape Seeds (no fillers or additives).

Muscadine grapes (Vitis Rotundifolia) are indigenous to the southeastern United States and it is specifically the native grape of North Carolina.

Good Health through natural products is our focus at the MuscadineGrapeSeeds Company.   We believe that this can be achieved in part through our promotion of pure, naturally organic Muscadine Grape Seeds.


Recently, you have probably heard of hundreds of claims, by numerous organizations and companies to the benefits of red wine, grape seed extract, grape skin, etc.   We at the MuscadineGrapeSeeds Company believe strongly in most of these claims. We stress "...most of these claims."

We at MuscadineGrapeSeeds use this product ourselves, our friends and families use this product too.   We encourage you to do the research for yourself though. Remember, it's for your own Good Health.

Our corporate office, distribution and warehousing center is located Central North Carolina - in the heart of Muscadine Grape Growing Country.

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